Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Gmail and being abused?

I have been using two of this company services for some times now, both free and well both really helped a lot in my work. But recently people are taking things for granted and yes.. well thinking they can just open a gmail account and use it as a website. If you don’t understand what I mean, well here is the reason:


Try look at the last section of this mudah advertisement. You notice he created a gmail account just for this 1 advertisement. Like what the fuck is this guy doing????? No this is not good I must teach him a lesson why he should not do this!


Let me logon into his gmail account setting:





Hoho I changed the password LOL dunno what did i type but well who cares. Next is to change the advertisement password… wonder if that is possible as I want to change the price.. from 1.8million to maybe 180 thousand? hehe he get flooded with called now.



Ok nvm he didn’t use the same email, I guess he was a bit smarter. Anyway just changed his email account it hahahahaha


Link to the Advertisement:

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