Monday, September 6, 2010

How Tm modem can kill my boredom

Well once in a blue moon I just look around in the IRC channel I am in and port scan for open http port “80 or 81”. Must be strange for most people who wonder wtf is a http port lol

Anyway was chatting with this random girl in the #kk channel and notice there was something open on her port 80. Where I tried accessing it and which took me to her router setup page, could do a lot of stuff and finally went to click on the bridge mode.. hehehe


“This modem will be configured as :Bridge Mode”


Kind of forgot to take a screenshot of doing that but this is the only screenshot i got:


She is using Riger DB102 ADSL Modem a free modem from TM or maybe she took the modem package from streamyx paying extra for a shitty modem.

It is a silly modem for me but I guess it does still work with just 1 port and with a wireless signal. So before I changed the modem I said bye bye to her and did some irc text action:

“Baboon uses the light to attack sweet_pianist and disconnect her from the internet”

I am using the nick Baboon and the victim was sweet_pianist. Here is a screenshot of it:


It takes a while for the IRC server to notice she has already disconnected but the she will never find out it was me. Maybe she will but then again I was just bored and she annoyed me, so she might not come back for another few days or week till she call up the tm guys or ask 1 of her i.t friends to just change the bridge mode to the auto dial back up.

2 Spam or critics..:

renaye said...

wah ... u can disable the connection?? i better remember not to mess with you.

the password to the entry is meowmeow.

Adriel D.K said...

haha no lar if i am bored and i dunno that person where i saw something i can exploit he/she is finish!!! haha hardly do this prank already now days since most of the internet users use a good modem.