Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Sodomized Hero

This happened in a IRC chat Channel at Dalnet server #penang:

[12:56am] <+tegang_berkilat> no job ma go wash disches
[12:56am] <+tegang_berkilat> plate
[12:56am] <@Baboon> bangbus
[12:57am] <+tegang_berkilat> if no ma go lorong garu sell backside lo
[12:57am] <@d-LuFfy> yeah
[12:57am] <@d-LuFfy> get sodomized by black
[12:57am] <@d-LuFfy> LOL
[12:57am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> LOL
[12:57am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> why la u people !
[12:57am] <+tegang_berkilat> always bring ky along
[12:57am] <@Baboon> hardcore gay bangbus - sodmized asean boy by few black man
[12:57am] <@d-LuFfy> " backstreets boy "
[12:57am] <@Baboon> gone case, u be killed and dumped at the back of the black alley
[12:58am] <@Baboon> and be found 3 weeks later when nobody can identify you
[12:58am] <@d-LuFfy> thats all for ur life
[12:58am] <@Baboon> yes
[12:58am] <+tegang_berkilat> eiii my friends brother went there with gf, then 8 negro approach wan rape the girl
[12:58am] <@Baboon> yups
[12:58am] <+tegang_berkilat> that guy offered himself
[12:58am] <+tegang_berkilat> came back with 7 stiches
[12:58am] <@Baboon> and got gangbang
[12:58am] <+tegang_berkilat> hero sial
[12:58am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> LOL
[12:58am] <@Baboon> dumb
[12:58am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> LOL
[12:58am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> omg
[12:58am] <@d-LuFfy> i rather die
[12:58am] <@d-LuFfy> offered to them
[12:58am] <+tegang_berkilat> his bro in penang all time gangster
[12:59am] <+tegang_berkilat> come back 7 stiches
[12:59am] <@d-LuFfy> FUK UR SO CALLED HERO
[12:59am] <@Baboon> i don't mind dying trying to kill them
[12:59am] <@Baboon> that is no hero
[12:59am] <+tegang_berkilat> u talk big only on mric
[12:59am] <+tegang_berkilat> go try and see
[12:59am] <@Baboon> ya
[12:59am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> ya la
[12:59am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> 8 fellas
[12:59am] <@Baboon> i took down a white guy before
[12:59am] <@d-LuFfy> for sure
[12:59am] <@d-LuFfy> i rather die
[12:59am] <@Baboon> 8 fellas at lease u take down 2 u happy ady
[12:59am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> and their like wild leopards waiting to pounce on u !
[12:59am] <@d-LuFfy> why would i giv them things as granted
[12:59am] <@Baboon> die also happy
[12:59am] <@d-LuFfy> yeah
[12:59am] <@Baboon> this one already sodomized how to be happy
[1:00am] <@Baboon> might as well kill himself
[1:00am] <@d-LuFfy> with a warm smile on a face
[1:00am] <@Baboon> offer some more
[1:00am] <@Baboon> what a useless person
[1:00am] <@Baboon> big timer gangster my ass
[1:00am] <@d-LuFfy> and for the godness sake
[1:00am] <@d-LuFfy> u admiring him
[1:00am] <+tegang_berkilat> hero protecting gf ma
[1:00am] <@Baboon> yes
[1:00am] <@Baboon> that is no hero
[1:00am] <@Baboon> that is a idiot
[1:00am] <@Baboon> he should jump down a building now
[1:01am] <@Baboon> come back alive also no point
[1:01am] <+tegang_berkilat> how come?
[1:01am] <14AnNaBeLLa> hahahha
[1:01am] <+tegang_berkilat> cos got people like u talking about that
[1:01am] <@Baboon> yes
[1:01am] <@Baboon> useless
[1:01am] <@Baboon> that is not protecting his gf, that is acting stupid infront his gf
[1:01am] <+tegang_berkilat> people cant bare the shame
[1:01am] <+tegang_berkilat> then in that case tell me whats the best move to do
[1:01am] <@Baboon> and like they sure would not just rape him and leave his gf to watch
[1:01am] <@Baboon> they bang them both together
[1:01am] <@d-LuFfy> and he is making himself even more LOSER
[1:02am] <@Baboon> why should they even bother to just bang him
[1:02am] <@Baboon> this is one stupid story
[1:02am] <+tegang_berkilat> this is real la
[1:02am] <@d-LuFfy> indeed
[1:02am] <@Baboon> for real, both of them got raped
[1:02am] <@Baboon> not one.
[1:02am] <@d-LuFfy> why would we even bother a sick story like this
[1:02am] [1:02am] senseless (~jj@ has joined. 12«11111 people12»
[1:02am] [1:02am] ChanServ sets mode: +o senseless
[1:02am] <@Baboon> and that is your hero
[1:02am] <+tegang_berkilat> his bro tell like that
[1:02am] [1:02am] senseless sets mode: +v senseless
[1:02am] <+tegang_berkilat> i ma say like that lo
[1:02am] [1:02am] senseless sets mode: -o senseless
[1:03am] <@Baboon> i think if people tell you eat shit will make you stronger u believe one
[1:03am] <@Baboon> that is how we are looking at you now
[1:03am] <@d-LuFfy> lol
[1:03am] <+tegang_berkilat> dont speak something that childish
[1:03am] <@Baboon> third party source, better go confirm your source then talk
[1:03am] <@Baboon> that is facts now childish
[1:03am] * +senseless erlo~
[1:03am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> he is just relating a story la
[1:03am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> !
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[1:03am] <14nibongtebal> iiiiiiii
[1:04am] <@Baboon> a stupid story to tell in the first place
[1:04am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> why u people need to be touche over everything ha
[1:04am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> he like he tell le
[1:04am] <+tegang_berkilat> baboon is always acting like he is so great
[1:04am] <+tegang_berkilat> please
[1:04am] <@Baboon> what the fuck someone got sodomoize is a hero
[1:04am] [1:04am] boyPG (~boyPG@ has joined. 12«11112 people12»
[1:04am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> u and fei tell us all sorta crap  - we laugh it off ma :D
[1:04am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> lol
[1:04am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> cant u just treat him alike ...
[1:04am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> he is passing his time too
[1:04am] <@Baboon> but being sodomize and having fun is two difference thing
[1:04am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> what's so difficult in that
[1:04am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> it is to u
[1:05am] <@Baboon> being sodomize is no hero
[1:05am] <@Baboon> that is stupid
[1:05am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> see
[1:05am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> crap is a crap is a crap
[1:05am] <@Baboon> how can you claim someone who is sodomize is a hero
[1:05am] * @d-LuFfy saw Baboon get sodomized by uncle
[1:05am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> what is ur crap
[1:05am] [1:05am] vanillaSky12f (~l@ip82-139-99-74.lijbrandt.net) has joined. 12«11113 people12»
[1:05am] * @Baboon is a hero now
[1:05am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> might not be someone else's crap
[1:05am] * @Baboon tells everyone about his great action
[1:05am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> lol
[1:05am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> :D
[1:05am] <@Baboon> d-LuFfy i am proud
[1:05am] <@d-LuFfy> LOL
[1:05am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> giler :D
[1:05am] <@Baboon> i am being sodomize to protect Lilac_LipsZ_
[1:05am] * @d-LuFfy spits on Baboon
[1:05am] <@Baboon> i bangga
[1:06am] <@Baboon> now tell my brother about it so he can tell his friends
[1:06am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> LOL
[1:06am] <@d-LuFfy> u kena sodomize cuz u go gay bar
[1:06am] <@d-LuFfy> sumore u are drunk
[1:06am] <@Baboon> ya
[1:06am] <@Baboon> and someone wanted to rape my realdoll
[1:06am] <@Baboon> i defended her
[1:06am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> wei if that is the case Baboon i will know how to take care of myself
[1:06am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> :))
[1:06am] <@d-LuFfy> he was sodomized by 8 negro
[1:06am] <@Baboon> yes get a gay bf who dun mind offering himself
[1:06am] <@d-LuFfy> >.<
[1:06am] <@d-LuFfy> now he can shit by standing
[1:06am] <@Baboon> ya
[1:06am] [1:06am] xavier_png «xczczxczxc@» has Quit iRC 11 12«11112 people12»
[1:07am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> u people are so mean :))
[1:07am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> lol
[1:07am] <@Baboon> d-LuFfy you must be proud to know me
[1:07am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> veeryyyyyyyy mean :))
[1:07am] <@Baboon> i am your great hero
[1:07am] <@Baboon> dun worry u can see my ass, see got jahitan there
[1:07am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> yukks
[1:07am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> fei will check tomorrow
[1:08am] <@Baboon> like that is one sick story
[1:08am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> but thanks fer letting em eff u fer me :D
[1:08am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> lol
[1:08am] [1:08am] shaved_birdbird «oiuo@» has Quit iRC 11 12«11111 people12»
[1:08am] <@Baboon> lol
[1:08am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> Baboon
[1:08am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> chill la
[1:08am] <@Baboon> d-LuFfy dun puke now
[1:08am] <@Baboon> Lilac_LipsZ_ k ba lol
[1:08am] * @d-LuFfy dah puke almost mao mampoi
[1:08am] <@Baboon> LOL
[1:08am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> id frame ur arse now and give u one pingat  keberaniana
[1:08am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> lol
[1:08am] <@d-LuFfy> 1st u are adriel
[1:08am] <@d-LuFfy> now u are sodomized hero
[1:09am] [1:09am] nagger «spithash@magic.shellcode.eu» has Quit iRC (Read error: Operation timed out11) 12«11110 people12»
[1:09am] <@Baboon> i am the sodomized here
[1:09am] <@Baboon> *hero
[1:09am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> pingat JASA KEJAGA BUNTUTAN
[1:09am] <@d-LuFfy> lol
[1:09am] <@d-LuFfy> lol
[1:09am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> OMG I AM LAUGHING MY HEAD OFF
[1:09am] <@d-LuFfy> anugerah ali ibrahim for him pls
[1:09am] <@Baboon> oh ya
[1:09am] <@Baboon> Anugerah Ali Ibrahim
[1:10am] <@Baboon> fuh I bangga
[1:10am] <@Baboon> my cucu cucu cicit will know who i am
[1:10am] <@Baboon> their friends be proud too know them
[1:10am] <@Baboon> I was a hero for being Sodomized
[1:10am] <@d-LuFfy> k k
[1:10am] <@d-LuFfy> time to sleep k
[1:10am] <@d-LuFfy> 4*14(B13aboo13n14)4*:
[1:10am] <@d-LuFfy> go sleep
[1:10am] <@Baboon> 1.10
[1:10am] <@Baboon> sleep
[1:10am] <@Baboon> die
I went to bed after that, came online back this morning and tegang_berkilat was no where to be seen. The nick is not registered so I don’t know how to find him. Will he make a come back? I don’t know. Maybe he is related to bitchecker but I don’t know too..

#Penang – Dalnet server
bitchecker the great hacker

Based on a true story by tegang_berkilat

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