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My post on BERSIH 2.0 Sabah and Sabahan

It was suppose to be a motiving event on last Saturday, finally few Sabahan is going to actually do something to speak out their wish rather then wait and hope someone else do it first or like majority Sabahan just ignore it. This is not about sabah, nor about ourself but yes all about Malaysia.

This was suppose to be a event where we can finally show our feeling how do we feel about the current election system which is not really fair especially Sabah who is the fix deposit for the current winning government due to their Project I.C, this is why I wanted to join the rally and do a demo. At lease majority Sabahan might notice it just like what happen in West Malaysia. Finally the government might even stop giving out MyKad’s to the PTI’s in Sabah. I even join the Facebook event page, profile and anything to do with the Sabah BERSIH 2.0 . They even inform us by pm with this:


Bersih Sabah

  • FOH SANG - The Rally Venue - It's OFFICIAL!

    Dear Members,
    In the event yesterday, we were expected to be 'disappointed' by the PDRM & Foo Chow Hall Management. THEY ARE WONG!
    We will continue to march on for Free & Fair Elections!!
    We have shifted into a new strategy for the safe, organized & disciplined 'exercise of our civil rights'.
    SAPP, who's Official Party color is YELLOW, has invited MCLM - BERSIH 2.0 SABAH to join them at the launch of their new RadioSabahTv Online Radio.
    Details below:-
    Date: 9th July 2011
    Venue: SAPP Party Headquarters FOH SANG
    Time: 1pm
    Event: Online Radio Launch
    Bersih Color Code : YELLOW
    MCLM Color Code : BLACK
    For your information, MCLM's Official Color is BLACK.
    If you do not want to wear Yellow then wear BLACK.
    You have enough time to get one with this notice!
    If you don't want to wear MCLM's color, you can wear Bersih's Yellow (the official tee) or just Plain Yellow. As the SAPP members will wear Yellow too, you will blend in perfectly!
    Lets us Rally in Full Force to send a message to this evil BN regime that we the people had enough of a draconian tyrant. We will send a message to CM Musa Aman that his days are numbered. We will send a message that if this evil government continue to oppress us; then we will CHANGE this government. We must demand Free & Fair Elections. We must demand the 70,000 dubious names in Sabah EC Roll be ' Bersih'. We must demand the 8 points of Bersih.
    We leave you with this message,
    "When we pray to God, and God answers - it is because we have faith in Him. When we pray to God, and HE does not is because.. HE has faith in our ability"


So this was really seem like a good event, I did not hesitate to join the gathering and show my support. Here are some pictures of it on that day:



Seems like the BERSIH 2.0 Sabah did a good thing.. but this does seem a bit od? I mean like Where are the BERSIH people? All the yellow shirt were SAPP members, not much black shirt too. I mean they even played Atama Song at 1pm!! watch the video:


I think there were some mistake again.. so I check my phone to see the updates on Bersih Sabah page, NOTTHING?? DID I NOT GET A UPDATE OR PERSONAL MSG WHERE TO GATHER? OMG I didn’t want to join SAPP gathering for their new product !!! Then thought maybe they were waiting till 2 pm or something and some speech from Atama or Yong saying about BERSIH 2.0, so as time passed by me and Alban waited at the chinese coffee shop for the song to be finish playing and yes finally Atama was there as a guess host with the radio D.J (Can’t remember who but it was a girl) Then he start saying bla bla and thanks for inviting him. Finally a speech… He talked about how he join BERSIH 2.0 and from a coffee shop too… then.. like I came here to listen to this? I left the moment he started his grandmother tale.

Went straight to the Padang Merdeka and wow… Lonely planet…



It was empty!!!! Police car, trucks, and so on was everywhere town plus the road to padang merdeka was blocked. Here are some pictures near padang merdeka:


Something must be wrong, was there any update on BERSIH 2.0 Sabah?? I checked my Facebook again but no. Something seems very odd from now on I didn’t know what but then I felt disappointment, anger, and stupid. Me and Alban was chased away from the media section by the police because we are not part of any media. But there was 1 BERSIH member from K.L with us and yes talked with us too. He was shock himself too to see Sabah, then he even showed us all the pictures of people being given red shirt are paid and make things worst they were not local (By the way bro sorry but I forgot to ask your name and introduce myself.) all those pictures were posted on Facebook Bersih 2.0, you can find them on the older post somewhere there.. hehe.

So maybe me and Alban never got inform and the gathering took place somewhere else. I did not give up hope, I even rushed from Damai to Karamusing again back to town again!! when Alban said there was a riot at Karamusing.. but no there was none. Never mind that, I went to my friend house later on to have a drink and we saw all the videos on the rally. We were amaze to see such support in the west with BERSIH, I mean like even if we don’t rally at lease just gather up and show our support with BERSIH 2.0. But I don’t know if that happened or not so I waited till the next day wait maybe late night.. and to add truth to what I think… NOTHING HAPPENED IN SABAH. Just watch this video here, I was not alone thinking like this too:


Pretty  much I don’t think there be any changes in Sabah even if the opposition win. We just be used, exploited and yes till nothing more left from Sabah. Because of the mentality thinking from the local here who are like “What for lar you waste your time, even if go also nothing will change.” true, then another one “other people so lar, I don’t think it make any difference joining the rally” everyone is thinking the same too, “stupid lar this why lar want to do this, kasih susah orang saja this BERSIH” pretty much true too. So like if majority was thinking like this who is going to do the change? The PTI? yeah they did add some change to our life style now.

Because majority people from Sabah still don’t really care or give a damn what happen. As long their life are not being disturb so it is ok. Which is why it was suitable to use lunch Project I.T that is the cause why there is a lot P.T.I who  had coverted got mykad and join the ruling party as a fix deposit for the ruling party now. Like as long it don’t disturb their life it is ok for majority here, so like everything is ok with Sabahan which is why we are known to be peace, loving & harmonious race. Electric increase 15% from July 15 for Sabah and Labuan, you know what majority do?  They just complain bla bla bla and hope someone or somebody will do something about it or maybe just say “ok ba tu masih, kerajaan susah sekarang jadi apa boleh buat” “Its ok still, the government too have hard time so what to do lar.”.

Why do you think the west look down on us? I don’t blame them. Not all of us are thinking like this, we are improving but yes it might take another 20 or 30 years. Maybe earlier if there is nothing else left for Sabah and we are sold off.

This is Sabah.



Official BERSIH Website
BERSIH 2.0 Sabah Facebook
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