Thursday, April 9, 2009

How I met Griselda back?

Well I guess most of you guys always wondered how I met girls. So basically it's the other way around for me, most of the time. As for Griselda, she found me on Friendster an Internet social network service. This is is a brief explanation on how we knew each other. Me & Griselda were classmate in St Francis kindergarten yes there was Emily, Cathy & so on. But I just remember Cathy because she is my cousin & Griselda because we were very close during that time. I remember being dragged around the class by her most of the time. We ever had a picture of just 3 of us, anyway we lost contact the moment I left kindergarten. But lucky me there was Cathy who I can actually ask "Still see Griselda ka?" and she would usually reply "Ya, why? like her ka? I can ask her!". So it goes on like that till the day my family migrated to Kuala Lumpur for 3 years.

I was back in Kota Kinabalu during 1996, I was primary 6 by then. I did meet Cathy and asked about Griselda but as usual the same answer causing the conversation about her to end all the time. As I grew up I met a lot of people, girls and well good friends. With out them I would have not used Friendster nor do I had the intention to register on it during the beta time. But after few days resisting I ended up registering for a Friendster account. It did took a while before Friendster was going popular and I think it was around 2004 when most Sabahan's started to own a Friendster account. As popularity started to gain, people are starting to find back their old friends, schoolmates, workmate, young boys(BiBi & Ash), Pretty girls( Chris), & so on from FriendSter.

So as time pass by, I too wanted to find my old friends including Griselda but I did not know how was her name being spelled. Yes I mean like I was kindergarten and not everyone that time knew how their friend name are spelled? Anyway she found me.. erm.. from Cathy friend list. With some hasitation she gave me a message there

From: Griselda Girley
Date: 07/04/2006 12:06 pm
Subject: hello..
hi adriel,
i was wondering...r u the 1 who was schooling in
St Francis kindergarden?...n r u cathy's
cousin? still remember
Of cause I would lol so I replied her:

Adriel wrote:
erm... I think so... we were in the same class is
it for a while? near the principle office? also I
was calling by ur second name griselda?
is it?
From: Griselda Girley
Date: 07/05/2006 8:57 am
Subject: yup......
hi..kamusta kana?...hmmm....yup,dat's u..we were
in the same class..hmm,i thought u didn't
recognize not second name but it's
the 1st name..juz using my confirmation name in,how life?where r u now?having
kids odi ka?working?haven't seen u in
gosh u hv grown..hahaha..but,never c ur face
larr,submit 1 photo for me la..can ka?..i oni met ur
cousin cathy..i also ask about u..hihihi..s for
me,im working here in Tg Aru Plaza..find more
money..hahaha..well,c u soon...chawing..
Adriel wrote:
eh.. oh first name haha... didn't know cause ur
name show like this "angela griselda".. lol just
doing some freelance job, fixing pc and so on at
the moment. Trying to find a regular job that I
have interest in, not having any kids yet!! gila
ah want have kids lol, living around town and
still in kk. Which shop or office are you working
at? the cyber? anyway if you got msn or yahoo
add me
yahoo messenger: REMOVED
msn messenger: REMOVED
talk with you later or just by friendster msg :P
From: Griselda Girley
Date: 07/05/2006 2:03 pm
Subject: hmmmm....ok..
hello... doing pc
stuff...dat's good oso la..LOL..i thought u hv kids
odi la...still young working in one of a
contruction company.s a general
clerk..LOL..ordinary work only..nothing much..i
thought u r in KL or sum where else...LOL..i only
have internet in the office...i hv both of the ym n
msn..add u odi...

So yes.. the chit chat goes on till 1st April 2008 then we officialy started dating :)

Why april fool? erm.. at lease I would know if I get a rejected, I can still act like it was a joke. hehe Dawing XD

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