Sunday, August 10, 2008

Blogs recommended by Adriel

Well I wanted to blog some stuff the past few days but eventually I forgot to write about the stuff... Going to be extra busy till my Boss find some new people to work.

Back to the main topic of this post, I have added some new links on the bottom left of my blog here. If any of you regular notice it, well here are some which I would recommend to visit:
  • Belongs to Alban, a friend of mine since form 3. He has 2 kids well to be more specific he has twins!!! haha two Identitical twin girls.
  • Christy blog, a happy go lucky man... sorry I mean pretty girl... Blog.. (jaga she can pukul you like a man if she mengamuk) :P
  • Someone I chatted with in IRC #desnudo channel... never met then again I just found her blog in friendster I think.. Well her 1st blog if I am not wrong.
  • One of those random blogs I found while google'ing around... no text and only drawing of her daily activities... not really updated everyday but I find it very interesting.
  • Found her blog like few months ago from irc I think, still visiting once in a while. Hot chix but she kind of looks like one of those fake girls... well if you understand what i mean. Those who acts like pretty good girly girl... then again they are just like that. (Didn't really mean fake, but just an example. She is still pretty haha)

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