Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Journey after Alban's Church Wedding ceromony

Well it was really a fun day for us all (Alban, Emily, Leigh, Lance?, Janet, Griselda & Me). After the church we all drove up to Alban's house to meet up again and started our journey towards gunung emas.

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After taking our lunch, we thought of visiting Tambunan since it is not really far.. (konon lar) took a while to reach because there is a lot of corner to drive around on top of a mountain. As we were about to reach tambunan.. there was a T-Junction one going to the pekan( I think) Another one of going to the waterfall.. so since we are still young and feeling a little adventures.. we took the waterfall route.. and it claim to be only 13km... but some how we drove longer then 13km just to reach the waterfall... :\ and.. here we are...:

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Did not manage to stay long at the waterfall because it was just some sudden trip there haha... Most of the pictures will be uploaded into my Friendster profile I guess. So you guys can take the pictures there if you want too.

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