Monday, August 11, 2008

MY side income work..

Well for most of you people who knows me. I do computer servicing as my side income while still having a primary job. I have been doing this service for some time now and about the work... apparently I notice most of my client never notice about some things when I fix their pc.

  • They ask to backup with out giving me their logon password
  • Forgotten to delete some personal pictures
  • Gave me the beg which include their personal diary or document
  • Many more other personal stuff
  • Did not remove their I.M logon password
Well even thought I notice all this, I do check it once in a while. Usually just their document or pictures.. and basically that just expose everything about them. So what do I do after finding out? Black Mailing? erm.. for real... nothing. As I don't find it fun to do so and well it just cause trouble.

Here are the things I can actually do even if you made sure I just format the pc and nothing else:

Logon pass not given?
I can use a simple brute force program and crack your xp or vista password in less then 20 minutes.

Delete all the personal files?
I can use a recovery program which can scan your hard disk for deleted files and back to the day you bought it.

So what can you do to protect yourself from someone like me?

People still send their pc to me even thought knowing I can do all this. Because so far they have not seen them self on youtube or maybe lost a project. I still charge it cheap for people I know, sometimes free for close friends.

As for the stuff I mention above? well I don't really have much time to waste as I got a busy job now days. I can recover thousand of pictures, documents & so on. Would I really have the time to view them?

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