Monday, March 31, 2008

Fixed tattoo?

Finally went to adjust my tattoo and well it is much rounder now. Don't look like a Yin Yang tattoo anymore thought...

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Before and After

Jude helped out making it rounder, you can find his shop in Tg. Aru Plaza called Taki-Taki... er.. well something like that. I be adding some more once I see a design which fits with my current one might need to add in some more details too on the current tattoo as there are some empty space ;|

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tiring day

Woke up late in the afternoon, online for a while, then went for my interview around 3pm. Was interviewed for.. eh.. 3 hours.. that was the longest interview i ever went. The big boss himself for the company I apply for interviewed me and yeah he was explaining a-z about the company and asked about my dad family side, more ever asked for some suggestion and so on. We just talked all kind of things thought the purpose was to understand what kind of position I applied for it just kind of went off the topic every few minutes. In my mind most of the time was like "cepat larr" well I was tired and sleepy even thought it was really interesting to talk with him. Then again the tiring side of my did not help me much.. so as it ended he asked if I was able to work on 1st of april. I then just laughed for a while... and well he too was a little blur and finally notice "1st of april" yes it was April Fool. Then again he said he didn't mean to fool me lol.. well we both laughed again.

So made me kind of blur the whole night now thinking about it and yes it is a little lower pay then what I have asked for in Labuan. Then again I am able to improve myself by working in this kind of company. The company is called Harmonic Security, they supply and install all kind of security system. But since the security system now days uses the most latest technology which uses a computerize system. The boss was thinking of hiring a I.T person who is able to learn all this new technology and combine the knowledge with all the advance security system as 1 big package. Where he/she is able to market that product out then and hope to make a lot of profit in the near future. Well something like that and I end up being that person on the spot :\

Thursday, March 27, 2008

My trip to Labuan

Well suppose to write about this yesterday but I was just to tired and.. well tired what else can I say. Anyway the real purpose of my trip to Labuan was for a interview I had to attend on.. er.. the 20th. Thought it ended up more like a holiday but then again with all the free duty alcohol around. How could I not have fun drinking there haha... So my first time driving to Labuan. Had a take a ferry in.. er.. Menumbok to Labuan it took me 1 hour and 40 minutes to reach Menumbok from Kota Kinabalu or less I think as I was .. er.. some how thought it would take a while to search for the ferry terminal. Well I didn't know Menumbok was the the ferry port itself... The ticked was bought for 10.30. I left the house sharp 6am and reached there like 7.20... So ended up waiting for another few hours after reaching. Took a few pictures while on the ferry here it is:

The Menumbok Jetty
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Labuan can be seen from Menumbok Jetti
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So what did I do most of the time in Labuan.. called up Emerson as he was working there and asked him to bring me around. Went to the Birdpark and manage to touch one of the bird... erm looks like a bird but.. er.. here is a picture of the Bird looking thing:

Image Hosted by

Does it look like a bird.. or a chicken? lol Anyway Don't wanna upload all the image to imageshack. Didn't use because all the album preset design looks too girly to be used for me now.

So gonna just post the last image which my sis took.. :

The Brothers
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Bro, future bro in-law, Adriel

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Just got back.. was a tiring drive but for the trip... er.. blog about it later as my camera is in the car.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Darkness night

It is midnight and here i am awake and sweating like shit now because there is no electricity again.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Drunkies days

I been like drinking more then the usual last week as I be going to Labuan tomorrow for about a week. Seems like a promising job to get since my friend was the one who recommended me to join in his company. Applied for it like December last year... only to get a reply last week. Well going to spend a week there then if i do get the job, i got to go for training. I think it might be in K.L or if better kk.

So I been keeping myself busy with well.. er.. beer, repairs, consulting... erm.. and so on. When I think about it I am not really just seating down at home lol...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Blurry days of Adriel

Been just idling around infront of this laptop. Thinking what to do most of the time.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My current two fav song

Just testing this player;


Got called during my nap time around 4.30pm today. Told to go Labuan on the 20th for a interview.

Labuan here I come? ;|

Still a little blur.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

During the sunny days... or hot day.

Woke up around 9 this morning or 10 I think. Can't really remember as I thought of finishing my tattoo today with Jude. But he was busy and asked if I can come tomorrow so going to finish it tomorrow. Since I made myself free I went for lunch with Griselda in cp. Accidentally met Jane my Mandarin teacher where she spend us lunch :\ kind of blur about that lol.. As time passed I went to pick Leigh up and met up with Alban in lintas yoyo. After a long silent seat in yoyo we decided to go CityMall. Well not that we had any other better things to do since all of us thought of hanging out in Jude shop haha... so as we went to CityMall where I just had to take a picture of Alban position.. in Popular Bookshop:

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Click on the picture for a larger view

He was standing there for a while reading hahaha

Friendster Classified

Finally manage to register in Friendster Classified ads. I had to register with before I could post an advertisement there but then again finally done with it;

Click Here

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Trip to Beluran

I went back to Beluran last friday with my parents and brother. Drove the whole way under a bad weather condition. It was raining really heavily so took much longer then the usual time to reach. I think about 7 or 8 hours but we did make a stop in kundasang Pine Resort. Had our lunch there and continue on the journey.

Reached Beluran around 5.30pm and it was still raining heavily there since our stop in Kundasang. Didn't really do much as my parents intention on going back was to vote for my uncle who is fighting for election in that area. Well even if we don't go back he still win as he is the only one who has done something there compare to all the previous Y.B's. But dad insisted we go back to vote and at lease help him rise the count higher. Didn't take any money or anything from my uncle. We left on the same day after voting as my dad and mom did not manage to get any sleep staying there because of all the village people coming day to night asking for money from my uncle. They call it "Claims" asking for "tambang pulang" as a payment for voting him. Well money is not really an issue as the party as given him a beg of it to make sure all those people who claims to have no money for the bus fee on the way back after voting him. So yes it was not really a nice environment to stay in that house anymore compare to last time when it was first build. Cathy was there for holiday or more like doing more work there rather then holiday to me hahaha...

Anyway me and my family went to Strawberry Garden Resort and stayed there for a night. Didn't really wanna drive back right away too and it has been a while since me and my family went for a trip together. All the pictures are uploaded into which you and view from ontop. So if there is anything wrong with the slideshote please tell me as it seems better then imageshack.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


With the current weather which is raining most of the time, I have finally caught myself a cold.