Monday, February 23, 2009

Mistake By Microsoft and they want refund?

I kind of find it very unreasonable asking for something back after giving it to someone already. Where this big company did not feel ashamed of doing so, they have already laid off the workers, gave them their few months salary and because of their own mistake they paid extra. So why the fuck in the world would they think their laid off worker would be willing to give back the extra pay?

Not only will it give a bad image to microsoft who is currently monopolizing the computer world with their operating system and addon's. It also shows how dumb they are after all this while thinking they are a bunch of smart guys. This mistake should be held responsible for the one who made this mistake. Make him take out his own pay cheque and pay back microsoft for the mistake he did.

"While the payroll error must be irritating in and of itself to these laid off workers (severance is a sensitive subject), it appears that Microsoft HR isn’t even bothering to explain how it happened (employees are instructed to call the office, which is closed for the weekend, if they want to know the details). Given that it was Microsoft HR that screwed this up in the first place, you’d think they’d at least include the calculations they made and point out where the error took place." Read more

Well at lease now we know something, microsoft too could be going down soon if they are this desperate to ask back their money.

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