Saturday, February 28, 2009

TM Staff not earning enough and go on selling drug?

"A former TMNet customer service technician was sentenced to death by the High Court today after he was found guilty of trafficking in 1,800gm of cannabis at a petrol station in Petaling Jaya three years ago...." read more

Well the only reason 1 would be selling drugs is to earn more money. Other then that he could have been frame by people. I don't know him personally so I am just assuming all this. But 1 thing i know TM must have not been paying their staff well enough for 1 to do this.

Since they are not paid good enough, why would they work hard for tm. So what happen when we call them to report our streamyx connection being down? Nothing. Wait like 2-3 days time and if you are lucky the technician might call you and ask if your connection is fine already. What would they do between those 2-3 days time? their have their own side income to make. They would finish their side income first before doing streamyx problem :)

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