Saturday, February 14, 2009


Well basically for most of you guys who knows me would know why is this blog kind of dead the past few weeks. I have started working for Profitable Group on the 28th January 2009. Not that I forgotten I have a blog or anything like that, its just I did not feel like posting anything.

Anyway a lot of stuff happened and I have finally started to experience what my sister and mom been doing for the past 10 years..... SALES.Not only it is way out of my job line, it is also a new experience. So basically I got to find client who wants to invest their money and well something like that (Don't feel like explaining everything here). I do at lease more then 50 calls per day and get to send our product information to maybe 3-6 people only. I am not currently not approaching the contact I have on my phone because I do not want people to start avoiding me lol. Not to mention most of them are my own client for ADK I.T Solution. I try not to mix up them with my side income, I got more time to do some extra work now days because I start work at 11am and ends at 7pm on weekdays where on saturday we just work from 11am to 3pm. There be times when I got to work for the whole day as in 11am-7pm but only during road shows.

Anyway it is Valentine Day and I don't wanna spoil the mood of you guys reading the boring stuff. So to cut it short for this post.....

Everyone Else (He He He)

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