Thursday, July 2, 2009

Floating mat in Terengganu Crystal Mosque

“Ustaz Azizi Saidi Abdul Aziz described claims that a visitor had seen and photographed prayer mats floating in the mosque as “hardly phenomenal” and people should stop thinking that it was due to genies or ghosts.

“Such mystifying occurrences have been reported in Saudi Arabia,” he said yesterday.” Read More..


So we have Floating mat now.. but not really sure if you call this a floating mat…:


It looks more like a standing mat then floating. Well this was like few days ago, but today the  woman from Negri Sembilan who photographed a “floating mat” at a mosque here is being sought by the state religious department to provide more information on the unusual occurrence.

“This is an interesting development and we want to get more facts and evidence from eye-witnesses,” Committee chairman Muhammad Ramli Nuh said yesterday. Read more..


But for real.. I am not sure if that is the floating mat picture that was posted on thestar website..

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