Sunday, July 12, 2009

Promoting kandiberst

So I guess most of you guys be wondering what is Kandiberst. Well the real full name is kandiberst web directory!!!! So yeah a brand new web directory. I am promoting this because the person who created this web directory is Ms Dayze blog owner of

Anyway here are just some brief info for those of you who are wondering what is a web directory.  Since I am lazy I am just going to paste it all from google:

Definitions of web directory on the Web:


So yes it is a site which list out every single website or blog owner in 1 directory and hope to help user find what ever they like there. It is something like Yellow Pages phone directory book.

Some other info from Ms. Dayze:

“Opened on the 1st of July.
Why Kandiberst? The site's color scheme fits the title (candyburst) ;) and it sounds German!
Owned by Dayze, the webmistress of has plenty of space (thanks to Rochelle<3) so this is a little project im doing.”


So if you are interested in joining please do not forget to read the rules, here is just a brief info of it (copy & paste):


1. Before you register, please link Kandiberst Web Directory either by text or you can grab a button below. If you fail to do this, you'll be rejected.
2. If there are any changes in your blog URL, please let me know.
3. Link must be up before I visit your blog.
4. Blogs that tYpE LykE DiZ will not be accepted.
5. No illegal mp3s, videos on your blog site.


Still interested? if yes then you can start spamming Kandiberst with your link!!! here is a shortcut for the button:



<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""/></a>

Grab the code now and start linking :D

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