Sunday, July 26, 2009

Two-headed baby born in Indonesia's Riau province (With Picture & Video)

Medical workers at a hospital here are taking care of a male baby who was born with two heads on a single, undivided body last Thursday. Syafitri, an Indonesian baby born with two heads, sleeps in a Jakarta hospital Aug.10. The 4-day-old baby girl weighs 7 pounds, 450 grams.

Dr Rasul Alim M, director of the Puri Husada Hospital here, said the baby is actually a Siamese twin who could not be separated medically. It has two heads, a body with two arms, two legs, one pair of kidneys, one pair of lungs, one anus but two hearts.

"This is the very first Siamese twin birth that has ever happened in Indragiri Hilir district," Alim said about the baby of Badrun (33) and Nurhayati (23) from Belantararaya village who was delivered by caesarean section.

The hospital was on Friday packed with local people who had heard about the birth of the "strange" baby and wanted to see it.


The baby, named Syafitri by her parents, is breathing with the assistance of a machine to ensure that enough oxygen flows from her one heart to the two heads, Channel NewsAsia reported.

Currently the baby's vital organs are functioning normally and is in no immediate danger, although doctors are concerned about other complications from her complex condition.



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