Friday, August 14, 2009

My 1st NuffNang Cheque? :D

Well I guess it took a while and if I have known I would just wait till I could claim for my Adsense payment too. Then again anyway I took my claim on the 01 Jun 09 22:48. Where now is 14 August 2009 09:15, which is like 2 months and 14 days?

But still better then none at all, I tried a few last time and never did ever get any of my payment. All kind of online money crap and yes none of them were local like NuffNang. So I can’t really do much not to mention lucky me most of them were free to join. Here is a scan image of my payment:



I have removed my personal details so don’t bother checking it haha.


So for those of you who is still wondering if they pay or not. They do pay and the scanned image above is my payment haha.  Only complain I got at the moment is the time taken to get my cheque.

But still who else would want to pay you to blog? :)

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Kristin said...

good for ya =D