Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lame ass

Well for most of you guys I am sure you know WordPress. For me I been trying to register an account there and has been taken. But few days ago I found out the URL was available, so I directly tried to register :D Here is a screenshot:


At the bottom of the page you can see is available so yes I continue on with the registration and what do I get?


It is reserved  for who? I know it is not for me so why the fuck said it was available. Never mind that so I tried finding out who the fuck made me waste time registering and so on. I went on the support page and wee 24/7 support:

liar So I went and clicked the page hoping to find a online chat or maybe a quick email reply. But what did I get…:

“Support will be unavailable from 10 a.m. EST on Friday, August 28 to 4 a.m. EST on Monday, September 7. Please see the news blog for more details. Until then: Happy blogging!”

So fuck wordpress and continue on with blogspot.

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wayangtimes said...

lol adriel dun b angry lah. btw, wordpress u can't use Google Adsense unless u pay to host ur website somewhere.

renaye said...

wordpress is not user friendly to me at all!

Adriel D.K said...

ah.. well I am still happy with blogpsot lol hehe :D