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Does Sabah really need a Coal-Fired Power Plant?

   Chang W. Lee/The New York Times           

This has been on the news for months now, you see the minister talking bull shit saying we need coal-fired power plant where I think because it is a big project which means more pocket money for them. There are some good side effect we finally have more power available for us Sabahan, less blackout, more job opportunity, or even as they said on Daily Express:
“There is a positive side benefit of the ashes accumulated, he said, adding about 70 per cent of the ash can be used in the cement industry. "However, this is a separate commercial agreement between LDE and any interested parties."” Read More…

So wow we can use the ash for the cement industry which mean our cement be more cheaper? Will the electricity be cheaper on the first place or will they use the excuse of the power plant building cost if expensive so we got to pay more for a stable electricity?

They even mention more job opportunity:

More maritime based industrial sites means more jobs for Sabahans, he said, adding from being fisherman with incomes of RM500 per month, they can earn RM1,000 to RM1,500 by working in the industrial and manufacturing sectors.”

OMFG don’t the government know those fisherman can earn more then RM1,500 by bringing fishing tourist around the sea for fishing spot on a single day and not in a month in Sabah?

We have the potential being a rich green State and still generate money for the west Malaysian from our tourism attraction, raw minimal, and I bet many more. But the what did they give us Sabahan? A fucking old technology. But our Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun did mention:

Masidi said the coal-fired power plant is only the last resort, if other options are not suitableRead More…

So why are we just seeing news about coal-fired plant on the news? Where are the other choice? what happen to the Liwagu dam project? No more news?

Kota Kinabalu: Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB) will be reviving the Liwagu hydropower project, according to its General Manager (Major Operations), Haji Abdul Razak Sallim.” Published on: Thursday, July 10, 2008 Daily Express.

Can't the government really give a better solution with green technology? Because from my opinion a coal-fired plant should have never been an option. Look at china, they have a lot of coal-fired plant build up and yes it really did improve the lifestyle for most of the rural area there. But in the long run it helped create all kind of diseases and contributed a lot too global warming. There are all kind of article regarding coal-fired plant and the Malaysia  government are not showing the side effect or giving us any other option. Just try reading 1 of the news I picked about china coal powered plant:

There are growing concerns about the impact of this coal boom on the environment. The Asian Development Bank says it is financing pollution control programs in Shanxi because the number of people suffering from lung cancer and other respiratory diseases in the province has soared over the past 20 years. Yet even after years of government-mandated cleanup efforts the region's factories belch black smoke.” Page 3 of 5 The New York Times Read More…

There so much story and article about coal-fired power Plant that can make you guys out there can get the full picture after reading most them and see if we really should make a Coal-Fired Power Plant


More Reference on why we should protest on Coal-Fired Plant:

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A coal-fired power station produces electricity, usually for public consumption, by burning coal to boil water, producing steam which drives a steam turbine which turns an electrical generator.

Coal is a relatively cheap fuel with some of the largest deposits in politically stable regions (China, India and the US) thus generally offering a more stable supply than natural gas and oil, the largest deposits of which are located in the more politically volatile Persian Gulf. The combustion of any fuel, including coal, emits large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming; coal also emits other pollutants such as sulfur, nitrogen, small particulates, and heavy metals like mercury and uranium (which is naturally present in coal). These other pollutants have been linked to acid rain, smog, and a variety of health problems.

As of 2009[update] the largest coal-fired power station is Kendal Power Station, South Africa[citation needed]. The world's most energy-efficient coal fired power plant is the Avedøre Power Plant in Denmark.[1]

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Don Blankenship said...

Burning coal fuels climate change, causes acid rain, and The company does not need approval from the State Department, which turned down SURF (Sabah Unite to Re-power the Future), which argued that the coal plant .And we really act with more urgency, and more ecological science, than I think .
Don Blankenship