Tuesday, December 15, 2009

PSP: Custom Firmware 5.50GEN-D3 and 5.03GEN-C

Well I guess most of you are wondering what do I mean with this post. Just wanted to inform that there is a new version of custom firmware supposedly by today I guess. But more or less by today or tomorrow, anyway this new version  will include:
* Compatibility with games / demos from the PSN sold until Listed
* Compatible with UMD games sold until Listed

Here are the list of some unpatched new games that has been tested and compatible with the latest firmwares according to MaGiXieN:
    * Tekken 6
    * Gundam vs Gundam
    * Phantasy Star Portable 2
    * Naruto
    * J-League Pro Soccer Club o Tsukurou 6 Pride of J
    * Naruto Shippuden Narutimate Accel 3
    * James Cameron Avatar The Game
    * Phantasy Star Portable 2
    * R-Type Tactics II Operation Bitter Chocolate
    * Bleach Soul Carnival 2
    * Battle Spirits Kiseki no Hasha
    * Yamada
    * etc.

Check www.qj.net for more information.

So what is really a custom firmware? For those PSP owners out there if you own 1, it plays downloaded games or paid rm10 or so to install new games from a shop, you are using those custom firmware or hacked psp like everybody else is saying.



History of homebrew Soon after the PSP was released, hackers began to discover exploits in the PSP that could be used to run unsigned code on the device. Sony released version 1.51 of the PSP firmware in May 2005 to plug the holes that hackers were using to gain access to the device. On 15 June 2005 the hackers distributed the cracked code of the PSP on the internet. Hackers refused to apply updates which would render their hacks unusable so Sony attempted to convince users that there was a benefit to upgrading by including new features in the firmware updates, such as a web browser, and not just security patches to plug the vulnerabilities. BusinessWeek dubbed this the "carrot-and-stick" approach. In August 2005 Sony released version 2.0 of the firmware which included the web browser, file compatibility updates and other features. Hackers and other homebrew enthusiasts then encountered the first trojan for the PSP. Symantec called this trojan "Trojan.PSPBrick". Users attempting to downgrade their PSP using this software instead found that it was rendered inoperable as this software deleted important system files. Over the course of 2005 Sony released six different versions of the firmware and hackers typically responded to it by downgrading to avoid the new security updates. In Mid-2006, after several months of problems in defeating the PSP's firmware a file was posted online which allowed new PSPs running firmware version 2.6 to downgrade to 1.5 so they could then be hacked using older methods. This reportedly caused more buzz in the community than any recent official offerings for the device.


At the moment my psp version is still using 5.03 Gen-B (full) So I am just waiting till 12 maybe if I am still awake for the new release for me to download.. :)


Some Link with good tutorial I would recommend you guys to check out:

www.psp-hacks.com – Join the forum, seems to be helpful but it is just like any other forum.
www.qj.net – Seems to be one of the most updated PSP website I have seen.
progamestationatkks.blogspot.com - A good place you should check out if you are looking for some games :)

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