Thursday, January 14, 2010

Latest Firefox update include blocking reported website by default

If you are surfing the net and going to one of your regular warez, porn, or maybe some comic website which you usually read. All a sudden you get this screen:


Yes Firefox seems to be helping you block those reported site!!! pretty good for newbie but for most I.T person or maybe just me.. I find it really annoying.

I am surfing my regular manga site like HomeUnix Manga.  There are new chapters and so yes I click on it but only to see the picture are being block. At first I thought it was homeunix website having some malware or virus problem and inserting those pictures claiming to be the latest naruto or one piece. But after surfing another site like ISOhunt .. I get the same picture.  I don’t find that normal where I did remember firefox installing a new update yesterday I think. So I checked the firefox option and on security tap.. there I saw the two most annoying function ever created:


See the screen above and the area highlighted with yellow line?

“Blocked reported attack sites”

“Block reported web forgeries”

You can check out all the term for this two on:

Mozilla phishing & protection FAQ

Then again just untick this two if you are getting the same problem as I am.

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