Friday, January 15, 2010

Waiting the arrival for my NuffNang Second Cheque

Finally after like er.. wait could have claimed this months ago. But then I notice there are no new advertisement so it just made me click the claim button. A single click and they start processing your claim, kind of good but would better if there was a confirmation button to say like “Do you really want to claim now?”

The reason would be because sometimes when you click on a link and just wait till it load up. Your connection might get disconnected and causing you to get a blank screen on your internet browser. This happened to me and yes I thought Nuffnang had not proceed with the claim but well it did and yes… 1 long list just look at the picture below:


I don’t think it be a good idea to post all the advertisement name as it might just slow down my blog. So from here on it take about a month plus for them to complete verifying my advertisement and so on.. eh wait.. no it takes more then 2 months. I check my previous post and yes I did mention how long it took NuffNang to send my cheque here in Kota Kinabalu Sabah:

Then again anyway I took my claim on the 01 Jun 09 22:48. Where now is 14 August 2009 09:15, which is like 2 months and 14 days?”
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The current claim was requested on 11 Jan 10 14:04 so I just hope it be much faster then last year. Also not that I am complaining about the claim button but sometimes you might just changed your mind last minute after clicking the button and can’t do anything about it already.

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