Friday, January 8, 2010

Only in Malaysia – Muslim attacking church for using Allah word

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Attacks were done on several church above are some of the pictures


Here are the bunches of idiots who insist on using “Allah” for them self only and yes not for Islam but for their fucking self.

prot This people would be dead here in Sabah by now for doing such a silly protest.


I don't really mind this idiots banning us from using the word "Allah" but then the court has allowed the Christian to use it so why the fuck complain?  If they are not happy then go pray to god and seek help. They think they are the right one then why don’t they start praying and see the changes? if nothing happen then should just shut up and go start jacking off at the wall.

Then again I some how feel like someone in power had paid some people to attack the church, not sure why but maybe thinking the same as I am. Just let the fucking word go to those bunch of monkeys as it is not really a big issue. But this is just me assuming like the C4’ed Mongolian model :)

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pretorians said...

That NGO's are such stupid things that,they have done.As you can see just a few of them.

This are only a politically motive.Such dumb ass people.

So sudden they came across and make some gathering and only few of them that have interest in that demonstration.

why dont they came up before ??? maybe they like to be in da newpapers and news headlines.har har har...

You can judge by this statement.

Dont blame MUSLIM generally.