Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2009 the past.. now 2010

Well should have blogged about this I think like 5 days ago. Just wanted to write about my 2009 and my new year resolution.. Then again you know we Sabahan when there is something to party about we DRINK DRINK AND DRINK. This applies to majority Sabahan and not minor ok, then again I guess every where in the world is the same.

How was my 2009?

Started off a bit slow during the early year and well some how I changed my job line into sales. Where by early April I am officially doing Sales, in the Real Estate line hoping to earn a living by this too. Finally could see some changes in my life would not say stable then again what kind of job would give you a stable life? lol

There were times when it was hard but Griselda supported a lot and yes I don’t think I can live with out having her around now days. We still can have fun together during those times then again there are good times too.

As for my blog I guess most of you might have forgotten that I started using those advertisement paying blog thing. Previously mentioned when I officially started using Blogspot, I did make some money out of it last year. About RM600.00 plus and yes it was spend on alcohol only.. haha Made more from Adsense then Nuffnang. Not much but would just consider it as additional pocket money he he he

So guys would just like to wish you all a Happy New year and well Christmas has pass by so don’t need that.



This is Tiger Wood year.. lol

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