Sunday, July 4, 2010

What a week..

I guess it has been all about money for the past few weeks. Strange enough when something related happens I try my best to find a solution or it just comes. First it was my Gaming pc and well not that I have always been using it, it is still a pc which I used to use for games and so on. Anyway it is dead now, it did last me like 3 years plus and yes what else can I expect for using it almost everyday.

The spec were like.. er.. hm.. I just remember spending like almost RM3k on it and uses AMD procesor with SLI cards and 1gb ram (recently upgraded to 2gb) which a Gigabyte Odin 550w true power supply. Uses a Gygabyte motherboard too GA-M57SLI-S4 Rev 1.0 so the whole set is gigabyte including the 2 piece graphic card with uses sli-mode.  It was like my first gaming machine and yes I am a bit sad of seeing it down now. I am not sure which part is not working but more like the motherboard… then again i might as well just buy a new motherboard and processor.

So what made me stop buying a new one? well my car broke down last Wednesday. Not just any parts but the clutch itself!!! all together it already cost my like 600+ for clutch cover, cable, bearing, gear oil change, and tow truck service.. eh.. wait.. NO IT COST ME AlmMOST RM800 SHIT. Because I paid the tow truck rm150 for pulling it first!!! shit.

My first week of July and I got to spend a lot already I guess this is what some people call “Life”? lol I guess it has been a bad week for me.

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