Monday, July 5, 2010

The blog you were looking for was not found. – GutterUncensored lol

By now I guess everyone would be wondering wtf happened again (Meaning to those who has been following Mr. Gutter). So far there has been no news from Mr. Gutter himself but some guys seems to have posted a new website saying it is his new place.

I am not sure if this site really belongs to Mr. Gutter so I do not guaranty anything on it. if something happen to your pc all a sudden (Chances of that happening is kind of low I guess.. with the antivirus installed by standard now days..).


Anyway as usual he will announce the new URL or Blogspot address he be using from his facebook account:!/profile.php?id=1009360269&ref=ts

So if there is any updated it be posted there :)

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