Sunday, July 18, 2010

Prostitute venturing her business into IRC

I guess it is a common thing now days to see some prostitute coming in the irc channel and promoting their services. Most guys would ask for pictures and so on the smart one just give out their number and the dumb one would give their picture only to be kicked out of the channel or made fun (Sorry but yes I do make fun of them and make sure to tell the rest about it). 

There are time when one of them would just make a fool out of them self where I be there pointing out her stupidity. Here is a screenshot of the stuff I mean:


Well the girl with the nick “Yuni_MLcall_085277425470 is ~Yuni_Butu@ * ergthb” is from Indonesia. Just need to do a ip lookup and you find out where is she from.

IP :

Host Not OK

Country :Indonesia

So she is going world wide now by promoting herself online. Only thing is… er she is from indon. So if someone from another country want her services he has to fly to indonesia to get it? I don’t think there exist such a stupid person to do so. Unless she is some famous actor maybe yes then… lol

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