Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Seven men, one of them impersonating a schoolgirl trespassing co-ed school

Most of us would miss our time back in school well I too enjoyed a lot back in secondary school. Did a lot of good stuff, bad stuff, and so on then again never did effect any of my lifestyle now. But to some people.. they take it to the next level… Some by recruiting schoolboys to join their gang and some would ask them to sell drugs too in school. But I guess that has been common even back when I was in secondary school. Anyway there is this group of guys who take it to a really ridiculously level and yes… impersonating as a SCHOOLGIRL LOL. Was reading about it on the news here check it out:

AMPANG: Seven men, one of them impersonating a schoolgirl, went back to their alma mater as they apparently missed their student days.

All of them, aged 20, were in school uniforms and sneaked into their co-ed secondary school here yesterday.

One of them wore a girl’s uniform complete with tudung.

“The school principal caught them in several classes at 8.30am,” Ampang OCPD Asst Comm Abdul Jalil Hassan said.

Investigations revealed the men had left the school after completing Form Five in 2007.

The men claimed that they decided to sneak back into the school because they were nostalgic about their student days.” Read more…

I remember some of my senior going into the girls toilet and well getting caught by our Principle Mr. Teo. All of them were on the news by next Monday regarding it. I have never seen any cross dresser or ever heard one during my time. I mean cross dressing while studying still in secondary, there  were gays, faggot but they didn’t go cross dressing even after finishing their Secondary School. Some did turn into a girl (half complete) but it was like after few year leaving school. So what ware those 7 thinking when they sneaked into the school? Any idea guys? :\

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