Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Man trapped in toilet pit for 2 day

Some how this poor dude fell down into the waste tank of the toilet (not really sure how did that happen). Well just read about it:

"The Metro, a UK newspaper, reported an unidentified man from the Wuyuan County of Inner Mongolia fell and found himself trapped in a poo-filled toilet pit for 2 whole days.While relieving himself, he apparently slipped and fell into a pit located below the toilet stall meant to collect human waste products.

The man yelled for help to little avail - no one heard him. After what must've been an eternity in smell hell, a passerby finally heard his pleas and quickly contacted the authorities.

The man had spent a full 48 hours there before he was rescued by local fire-fighters. They lowered a ladder down the pit and pulled him out."

Well afterward just like any of us human being would do, we go to the nearest lease cleanest pond around and take a dip there

That water is still way much better then being in the waste tank lol.. I guess they don't have or can't afford to install a toilet bowl as this should never happen if they had 1 of this:
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