Monday, August 9, 2010

Amazon Associates

Have any of you guys notice the Amazon Associates on your blogspot Monetize tap?

I removed the personal information for security purpose (Just wanted to do that hehe) Well I am just trying out and after creating an account and bla bla bla now I can get like 15% commission for any product being sold from my Blog here. It is kind of easy to do and well not that I will blog about product all the time then again if there was something good on Amazon I would post it easily. Look at this:

See from the picture you can see me a new bog panel on the right side to insert the item you wanna promote. Let me try add in one:


Ok.. This is stupid.. at the edit HTML tap I do not see the script I should adjust to set it into center.

Well anyway the main point is.. er.. you can promote the product easily with just a click :D

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