Saturday, August 14, 2010

Now you can redeem your Kad Mesra points for PETROL!!!!

Waa damn syok you see this kind of thing, who would have thought petronas or kad mesra owner to be damn so lucky can redeem petrol and unlike bonuslink you can only redeem a umbrella for few thousand points or a cap.. Anyway the news about this new redemption thing has been around already only I just want to post about it now since I got like 4,206 points in my kad mesra. This is a lot and yes I am proud to say it took me almost 3 years to earn this much (Actually I just found back the card yesterday after it has been missing for 2 months). So here are the 2 simple steps for you to redeem your petrol:


Naa see easy kan? Just put in your card and after it seek some approval from the H.Q you are ready to refill. My car now is full tank waa damn syok while filling up suddenly it slow down when reaching around RM39 I think then it stop at RM42.06.

Wa so syok it auto detect my tank almost full cause I can hear the petrol going to nearer to the top. It must have been some new function only when you use kad mesra. Cause usually I got to press the pump slowly and hope it does not overflow out of the tank when I hear the sound getting nearer.

So I happily place back the pump and waited for the receipt and while waiting thinking like “wa so syok like this I got 4,206 points this one maybe use 42.06 points only.”…


How could I be to naive thinking such good think to happen.. so yes to my horror I saw the receipt…..




1000 points is about rm10 if you want to redeem petrol using your mesra points. So the RM42.06 was actually my 4,206 mesra points, there goes all my point. This will be the last time I be using petronas because now I better just swipe my bonuslink as I can claim more things there.

So bye bye petronas it has been good to be your royal customer all this while.. but I want to get more points on bonuslink now. Don’t worry if there are no shell station I still try to refill at your station but maybe I just fill up rm10 or more which is enough to reach the next shell station and swipe my BonusLink card.






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