Friday, August 27, 2010

Who is this idiot Nagaraju Applasami??

I just saw The Star online news few minutes ago. Then saw this interesting article thinking “wa got another group want to say no to the coal power plant”. But only to find out minutes later that this is another group living in the jungle.

The People's Assembly Action Committee chairman A. Nagaraju said the people in Lahad Datu had been waiting for the project because it could provide them with economic opportunities.

"In our country, we already have coal-fired plants, namely in Kapar, Selangor, which was built in 1988. Since then three more such plants were built in Peninsular, and two in Sarawak.” Read More…


This Nagaraju guy must be some good guy thinking for the villager needs. They need a 300w power plant which will be a good deal for them in well what way? None of the news seems have mention that… hm… well this is what The New Sabah Times reported:

“LAHAD DATU: About 1,500 residents from 11 villages in the Tungku State constituency yesterday gathered in a show of support for the proposed building of a coal-powered power plant here.

The villagers who are from Kampung Tambisan, Sungai Nipah, Sungai Merah, Simuning, Sinakut, Kampung Tanjung Labian, Lok Buani, Tanjung Batu, Sungai Bilis, Tanagian and Tagupi gathered at Dewan Tun Mustapha for two hours from 8am.” Read More…


1,500 residents.. this people all must have been promise to be given a job or something there or why would they insist on building a coal powered plant?

Do they know the side effect of building such structure or they just want to see one big generator being build and they get maybe free electric? Because I can’t seem to find the reason why else this group of 1,500 people claim to say they want a coal powered plan to be build even when the Department of Environment rejected it because of the side effect it would bring to Sabah. Does this group of idiots know what will happen in the next 10 years after this coal-fired plan is being build?

So who the fuck is this so called the People’s Assembly Action Committee (Jawatankuasa Bertindak Perhimpunan Rakyat) chairman Nagaraju Applasami?

Anyone has any idea? sure would like to see this idiot face how he looks like.

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AngeL BeaR said...

the 1500 idiots that insist on the coal plant project to go on is local or not? else it might be some illegal immigrant paid to make chaos....and those people might be duped or promised something else they won't just simply do those without anything....