Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Anwar on GutterUncensored Finally?

Seems like someone posted a video of the so called sex video with Anwar bin Ibrahim as the star. It is on GutterUncensored blog, so start check it out and yes the comment too lol

Alleged Anwar Ibrahim Sex Video Teaser Leaked On Youtube! Malaysian Opposition Leader's Latest Alleged Sex Scandal

Well don’t forget to leave a comment about it, I didn’t know Anwar had beer belly like this guy. Those 3 scapegoat must have been paid a lot to put up their thick face saying this is him. I think at the moment this 3 are the highest ever paid scapegoat in Malaysia well if we are counting maybe few millions each and all of them together. Here are my top 4 scapegoat list which I think is being paid to be 1

The Three Stooges – Rahim, shazryl & Shuib 
Azilah and Sirul

At the moment I assume Saiful is still number 1, well after all… he need to be sodomize by someone first before seeing a doctor. As for the rest, they just need to prepare or pretend like they are being frame?  lol

No sur name mention and this could just be anyone but anything I say here are just some stuff might not be true so don’t sue me LOL wait.. you can sue me then again who are those 4 groups of people?  No sur name or i.c number so it could be anyone I am mentioning. Anyway do watch the video created by suaremerdeka :)



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