Sunday, May 8, 2011

Utusan should be more professional in its reports and not base them on blog posts.

I don’t even know why this Utusan Malaysia is still around. I some how feel it is a like a bunch of idiots running the newspaper firm and write article that would make a fool of them self. This kind of company should have been close down for reporting news that brings up sensitive issue. The government seems to be protecting them rather then doing anything at all. Why? well I would not be surprise because they are UMNO member.

“KUALA LUMPUR: A meeting between the Penang Chief Minister and Christian leaders has turned into a controversy with claims that the participants discussed making Christianity the official religion.

The meeting was front-paged by Utusan Malaysia which quoted two blogs making such a claim.

However, Penang CM Lim Guan Eng dismissed the report as a fabrication.” Read more at The Star

Then a group of ass lickers A.K.A IDIOTS in a supporting group for their religion seems to be supporting this issue and not only support it but also makes a police report.

“Police reports were also made by Malay and Muslim rights groups Perkasa and Pembela, urging authorities to examine the validity of the article.” Read more at The Star

Don’t this people have better things to do then worry about how people will loose their faith? That is up to the individual for their choice of faith. Why is this even a sensitive issue? are the UMNO muslim really weak with their own faith?

I think this UMNO people really are weak and scared they might be brain washed and start praying to a goat or something. I find it silly of them for being so, my muslim friends never had any issue about loosing their faith. Maybe because they never bothered about the political news lol. Some how it seems to me like those UMNO people are always talking about themselves loosing faith to their religion rather then what the public really need. What is Najib doing about it at the moment? I believe he is much more open minded then Mahathir well I am just assuming so since I don’t know him personally lol.

But being the leader of a bunch of idiots.. heh no wonder he is so stress up.

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