Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Senior prison officer higher rank then Polis Diraja Malaysia?

Well I can’t wonder what the fuck are the police doing in this case. They are in front of the incident, doing nothing, no wonder it takes them more then half an hour to reach the location of a crime place. They drive around in their petrol car to find for easy kopi o money on legal or illegal immigration by saying they bring them back to the police station if they don’t pay , but when something happen in front them more ever involve some senior officer who did a crime. They TURN BLIND??? LOL



THE Keningau District Police has come under fire over its alleged ineptitude and poor handling of the brutal and senseless beating of a young trader, involving a senior prison department officer.

The parent of the assault victim has demanded for the intervention of the higher authority, to ensure a prompt and proper action be taken against the said prison officer and his group of accomplices.

The father of the assault victim, Cheah You Hock, 53, stressed that there should be no cover up in the investigation of the matter, especially when the entire incident was captured on the CCTV of the 24-hour convenient store where the assault has taken place, on 30 April, at close to midnight.

NO MERCY....Cheah show his son injuries by no mercy beaten by Keningau Prison Director.


CCTV....Image captured from CCTV during assault.


The video of the assult is located at Facebook, you need to have a facebook account to view it I think.

Video Link

Jaikol Gubal

Is this another plan for some politician new way to gain vote later in the future? If Najib or anyone from his party did something, I am sure they can get their vote from the victim and his friends & family. Then again this could just be another scapegoat to put an end to Jaikol, but well I would prefer to believe the person who abuse his power really did it to show his ego and power. For real.. I would have fight back and made sure he died. Because now it is going to be hard just to do something towards him, even the police officer did nothing in front them what else the police station? lol

Don’t forget to watch this Video too at the same time, Dato T & Anwar lol


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