Monday, April 15, 2013

Facebook Home

Finally I get to install facebook home after reading the new from Which seem much better then the standard Facebook App for Android devices (well just the new permissions to allow it to collect data about the apps you are running, other then that everything seems fine I think?). To get it all you need to do is go to this link:

(I can assure you this is not a virus) 

Another way is to search for facebook on your google playstore and click on the link under What's new, there you will see the link is being posted.

So after clicking on that link which will open your Android device browser, it will open up your Google Playstore or there be a popup asking what to do so just choose google playstore.  I don't know why was it hidden from search, could have just been me but I don't know.

Then again this is what I got when it opened up on google playstore:

This item isn't available in your country.

So fuck you facebook.

What is Facebook Home?
Facebook Home is software for your phone designed to put your friends above everything else. You can download Facebook Home for free or purchase it pre-installed on a phone. Facebook Home works together with the Facebook for Android and Facebook Messenger apps to enable its main features:
  • Cover feed: Glance at your phone for photos and posts from your Facebook News Feed.
  • Chat heads: Send and receive texts and Facebook messages in one place. Open, close and drag chat heads around your screen to keep chatting while you’re using other apps.
  • Notifications: See news as it happens with bigger, bolder notifications on your home screen.
  • App launcher: Get right to your favorite apps and post to Facebook from the same place.

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