Saturday, May 3, 2008

RHB Bank

This is my second bank account i have in my life, I didn't want to open it in the 1st place but well both companies I am working for seems to be using RHB Bank. Why? I don't know, the bank have bad customer service. I have just receive my pay and I can't withdraw it from the bank because the operator i called told me it was inactive. It is not cheap to call the customer care number which is 03-92068118. Cost me a few ringgit just to wait for the operator to answer. Then another few more ringgit for the operator to get my details for verification and finally another few ringgit for my answer. Total that up and if you don't have more then RM20 in your prepaid number. Forgot trying to call them and just go to the bank and use their phone. If they don't let you, ask them to pay for your credit.

It took my more then a week to get my online account activated, and worst part is I need to call the k.l number just to get my account activated. So yes it was not a cheap call, nvm that now I had to spend another 10 bucks over just to know why the fuck I can't withdraw my money. Finally the answer was

"Sir your ATM card is inactive"

I asked
"why is my account active then?"

"Sir your ATM card is inactive, kindly go to the nearest RHB branch and bring along your ic to reactivate it"

I asked
"Why is it inactive?"

"There was an annual fee and my account had insufficient fund in it"

I asked
"So why is my account active?"

"Sir please go to the nearest RHB Branch"

I said:

Hang up.....


So I am going to RHB Branch in Gaya street this monday and hope no more problem or i be calling the manager and ask him to explain me A-Z what the fuck is wrong again.

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