Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sister Wedding

My sister is finally married after being together for more then 8 year's with Wynold. It was not a regular wedding dinner too as there were a few celebrities and deputy speaker lol.. Not to mention Alban's favorite Group :

(Can't remember the group name)
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As for the church, my sister came like 30 minutes late. Still don't know why did she come late as I only remembered about it now. Nothing really much to talk about it as it was like every other church wedding ;p

But I did manage to get some funny pictures.. or maybe for them it is funny.. lol

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Wynold Vilus Boijohn & Ami DK

It was not a common wedding dinner style I guess, how many wedding dinner you have attend and only to see a group of Agua's or what we call in malay "Pondan" dancing and lips singing. There was a magician to entertain the kids who can't sit down quietly too. So it was not really a boring dinner, but I miss the early part because I had to bring the incoming guest towards their table.

Took a few picture with the K's family and.. er... Lim? lol well dad side of cause here is a picture of them:

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I am not going to list down all their names as I don't know everyone here. Mixture of my Dad and Mom family side

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The K's Family

Mom, Sis, Bro, Bro In-Law, Me

I will try to add all the pictures, but at the moment a little bit disappointed because I am not sure why are there so much noise in the pictures. Tried changing the setting just now and I notice the image quality is no more there like last time even after reseting it.

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