Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kad Mesra

Well I had a bad experience with RHB, now I am having a hard time with Kad Mesra because the lack of option on contacting them. I do not understand why do I have to call them just to reset my password or report my lost Kad Mesra. So i brows around seeking for an email which I could send and inform them regarding this matter seeking a alternatives way then calling 603-8023 2626. Here is the email I send;

From: Adriel D.K(Remove)
To :
Subject: Seeking better alternative then 03-8023 2626

To whom it may concern;

I am having a hard time trying to get back my password and well reporting back my kad mesra. I am usually remember about calling it after office hour because I got a busy job, and only to find out the number 603-8023 2626. Is only available during office hour. Not to mention I am from Kota Kinabalu Sabah where I just wasted my credit trying to call that number.

So I am sending this email seeking if there is any alternative way other then calling the K.L number all the time for any inquiry or report regarding my card. As I find it inconvenient for me to call just to reset my password or report my lost card. Not to mention it is not cheap for me to call because it is not a local number. Which is why I am sending an email now and not talking about this over the phone. As I just finished my phone credit just to find out I can only speak to a operator during office hour.

Adriel D.K

I will post the reply from them as soon as I get 1. Well if I actually get 1 as this is a free service after all.

Just notice I have some grammar error..." I am usually remember" ARh fuck it i think the whole sentence has problem in it. HAHAHA

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