Thursday, May 1, 2008

Labour Day

Don't really feel like an holiday as I am still doing some work (Personal Income). Had to do a laptop and well manage my account too didn't do any extra job because I don't have much time. Canceled the appointment with my mom company because I can't make it due to the laptop taking too much time.

I seem to get more calls now days not that I don't like but I don't have time to do them. Still trying to adjust my time but after looking at my plans I can only handle 2 job after my primary job hour if over. That would depend on my client too as some of them don't seem to mind me coming after office hour. Well most of them don't mind and prefer that way so they could actually see what I do. Another reason would be because I will explain everything in details, making sure they don't need to call me again unless it is a major problem.

Most shops would just tell what is wrong or maybe just half of the problem. Which is why people would always send back to the same shop or maybe to another shop, where they just get cheated again. I have seen it happen always and I can't blame them for doing so. They are running a business and that would be one of the way to make fast money. So the boss will make sure they make enough profit per pc and hope the customer would always come back. While not telling what they should not do next time for this problem to happen again in the future.

My fix client usually have difference problem always some might be the same one always but then again most of the time it is new. They always call me because I would make sure the job is done and hope they don't call me back to do the same job twice. Not to mention I have spoil the market price in my city as most shop would charge from a range of MYR50 to MYR100. That charge does not include delivery charges, where me who is a Sole Proprietor would only charge MYR45. I may sound like an idiot freelance for those who knows the market price then again I always get calls from outside my friends network. News travel fast in KK and I made used of that, so most of my client would call me rather then trying to call an outsider who would have hard time explaining and not to mention charge them pretty high.

So whats has all this got to do with labour Day? I have no idea

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