Monday, May 19, 2008

Busy Days

Hardly ever updated this blog now days, been busy with my work and of cause making sure my spare time if spend wisely with my dawing haha. Well for an update I be attending my sister wedding on the 24th this.. er saturday... and there are still two invitation card not send, Jeremy & Alban's invitation card... lol. I be flying to k.l on the 26th later on for the samsung training. What kind of training, i am not to sure myself. I hope it will not be another information sharing like the last training i went on saturday. Not that it was a bad thing but well I didn't really learn anything going there.. The main point of going there was to get some information regarding some network setup I would like to do for one of my company client house. As I am having a hard time gathering information regarding the kind of setup I can do. Work or not I am not too sure myself.

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