Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The tiring experience?

It was a really tiring day yesterday, Jeremy dad wanted to use the wira back so I had to return it. Because my car was in the workshop still, so I tried borrowing another car from Griselda. So after arranging all our time together reaching Jeremy house by 12.50pm and still have some time to drink before sending off Griselda back to town. Her car died, so there we were in Taman Antara Bangsa. Sweating a lot and calling everyone we know who could help out. But in the end we just left the car there lol... I had to go back office because I had to find a product for my boss from a company in K.L while she had to go the bank.

I wanted to post this last night but well.. was busy formating my desktop pc and installed Vista premium on it. The vista score on it was 4.3 and more then my laptop which is only 3.1. Not to mention my desktop has only 1 gb ram but it is corsair :P

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