Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Conversation on the phone

I am still having problem while trying to speak over the phone with someone I don't know and here is the dialog:

Adriel: Hello is Mr.xxx in?
Reception: Yes, may I know whos on the line please?
Adriel: This is Adriel from Harmonic Security
admin: Ok hold on.
Mr.Xxx: Hello
Adriel: Hello Mr Xxx?
Mr.Xxx: Speaking, who's on the line?
Adriel: I am Adriel from Harmonic security, I am calling regarding the Bose installation and the others setup we did. I would like to know who should I address the bill too as Mr.B told me to ask you about this.
Mr.Xxx: Well I can't tell you at the moment, I am very busy can you call me back tomorrow morning?
Adriel: Around what time sir?
Mr.Xxx: Try calling me around 8.15am is possible
Adriel: But is that not to early?
Mr.Xxx: Just call because I be very busy later on
Adriel: ok sir, I will call you tomorrow morning ok?
Mr.Xxx: ok thanks
Adriel: ok Sir.

Hang up

So this is how i would speak over the phone to one of our client if needed. Most of them can be a jackass and wish to deal directly to my boss sometimes when i call them. Then again I don't really have a choice if my boss instructed me to deal with them. But most of the time he ended up having to deal them himself lol..

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