Thursday, July 31, 2008

My view regarding Anwar Case

I have been thinking about it for a while now, even if he say this and that.. can any of this save Anwar Ibrahim?

With our current government in power... I would say anything he is currently doing would be useless (Why? heh.. if you never read the news or don't even know what is going on with our country I suggest you go back to Primary school and continue on playing like a small kid). I don't think he is dumb enough not to notice this himself. So what likely is his plan to overcome this accuse to him?

A.) Start gathering his own Army to have war to save us Malaysian.

B.) Seek help from outside power and in exchange we share our resource.

C.) Hire a sniper and start shooting down the top guys.

D.) Become a suicide bomber and hug the man who exploded the Mongolian model and place his scapegoat as a replacement.

E.) Become a good man, follow the law and rot in jail while waiting for the case to drop only to get out after few years.

Well then again this is what I might do, Anwar Ibrahim might have a better plan. So what is likely to happen now since his wife have send in her resignation letter?

I bet he be arrested where he has no choice but to choose plan A or B. As I cannot see what other plans he has to overcome this problem he is going to face.

So what about our current goverment in power? Why are they doing this? For their own greed? are they that confident in their power? When will this end?

For real, I just hope there be war and we just restart the whole country system.

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Anonymous said...

anwar is malaysian's bill clinton.