Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Well I have not posted anything new here, then again not that I don't have the time... Because I have officially resign from Harmonic Security Sdn Bhd where my last day was 31 December 2008. It took me few days to settle down things as I have left a lot of pending task I should have done last year. Not to mention my Trading license has not been renewed since 2008. Luckily there is Adrian who is working in DBKK to help me out today or I end up lining up at the long line... As everyone else is renewing their trading license too.

So what will I be doing this month, I am still waiting for a reply from my last interview. Also I am going to continue on managing ADK I.T SOLUTION. I don't think I would be doing anything much this month.. so basically I be home most of the time to spend less for this year :)

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