Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wee I got invited by Nuffnang again on the 6th November 2010!!!

I just got called by a girl saying she is from Nuffnang.. (Very sorry if you are reading this but I kind of forgot your name.. ) asking if I am free on the 6th November 2010…. I really did receive a call from them!!!! Look at my phone screenshot:


I removed all the other numbers and made a yellow box around the number “03-26948828” which is from Nuffnang Office. The first thing I asked after being inform that I am invited to a party was, “Will it be for east Malaysia or West? because I am from Sabah.”. Not being rude or anything but previously too I been invited to a party by Nuffnang which was in West Malaysia and yes being asked by a lady too.. er.. forgot her name... Anyway she ask me if I want to attend it? so I was like thinking in my mind “Is this girl for real??”  just read my old post about it lol.

Well  having a flu here and just got back from work where I was in the car basement when the lady from Nuffnang called me up informing me everything about it. But anyway to the main point, I forgot half of the stuff that was mention other then 6th November 2010, 8pm, and Jesselton Point.  What is it?


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