Sunday, November 7, 2010

Stompin’ Sabah 2010!!!!!

Finally I was able to go and well the weather did not help much as it was raining.. so it was going to be a wet concert!!! never mind that as I was going to the entrance and wanted to take out my ticket… it was missing… So like OKK I forgot to take it from the car and walked all the way back to my car.

Well it was pretty much a blast even when it was raining!!! not really heavy but you still get wet and yes… lots of wet girls!!! haha well not like I was looking at them or anything… ok must admit it I am a man too so our eyes just can’t stop looking!..

As I arrive into the VIP area I met one of my Junior from All Saints who was performing there too with his band member… ok lets just stop this typing and look at the pictures all:


IMG_0136The entrance

My ticket was X pax VIP so orange color just next to the media :D

So much difference then the one I took this afternoon lol well more lighting effect xD

Kai my Junior haha

Me and Kai

Kai and his Band xD

Kai and his band and friends :)

Not sure why was starbucks there, should have been Upperstar people be more happy buying there lol

Went to redeem my drink :D Jim Bean haha had like.. er.. hm.. 4 or 5 glass? he was pouring my drink :D

The first band to perform with not much people around… poor guys :\


This guy was singing too!!! and he is well known but.. I can’t remember their names all :(

The light food they said to be giving… very light food indeed

Kai band was the third group to play… but not much pictures because they were jumping most of the time and so the pictures I took was blur.. sorry kai

They are…. ?

The Black VVIP people!!! not sure what is the extra V for lol

One of the good band around too xD

Erm.. Can’t remember who as the batt was getting low this time

Look at the crowd :D

Some of the crowd face on the projector screen haha

Jin from Hitz.Fm trying to act cool.. ok he is cool.. is he?

IMG_0306 IMG_0309 IMG_0318 IMG_0323 IMG_0324 IMG_0327
Above Picture: Well took picture of all the people who came and yes they were having a great time as I did even when it is raining haha :D

IMG_0330 IMG_0335 IMG_0337 IMG_0339
The band from Singapore (I forgot the name but I remember them from last time!!!) dedicating a song to that girl on the screen.. they didn’t notice her teeth.. lol well she is still pretty

P1000238 P1000241
Ella was performing just before the camera I was using died because no more batt!!!! :(



Well I took more then enough pictures to show you how was the party and yes I had a good time with my drink, friends, dawing, and yes the girls lol Would like to say thank you too Nuffnang and X Pax for sponsoring me to this party and for the extra tickets I got from you guys :D

Hope you guys had a good nite because me and everyone else did just check out one of the video I took there hehe What song is it? xD


I will upload all the pictures into my facebook account so those who has my FB you can view there. Those who don’t? then what to do lar


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chegu carol said...

i came just in time when the spore band performed...they are called Wicked Aura Batucada. Sampai2 saja terus jumping up and down sdh saya...but that's just it. The rest of the performers were quite bland i must say...

Adriel D.K said...

Yaa haha I recorded like almost all their performance... wondering how to upload a 1.2gb file now to youtube :|

LaViaP said...

the guy playing the Angklung is Toi of AF6 :p

Adriel D.K said...

Ohhhh you got a link to their facebook Laviap? :D

LaViaP said...

a friend of mine directed me to the page.