Thursday, December 30, 2010

Installing Ubuntu from a Pendrive Part 2

Sorry but the alcohol stopped me from continuing this post. Anyway I was talking about the menu screen after booting from the pendrive. You have a few option there:



Choose “Install Ubuntu on a Hard Disk” and press enter, where next page would be a friendly wizard setup for you to choose how to set it up.


By default the language is English so just click forward again


Make sure your power source is connected if you are installing on a laptop like me!!! Also if you are using any kind of connection from malaysia, I would recommend you not to connect to the internet first as the updates could reach over 200mb and unless you are willing to wait another 30-40 minutes with a connection of 150Kb/sec download speed then go ahead. But I would recommend you to install it without doing an update as it will take some time for the installation to finish.


Next would be setting the hard disk space, where you have 3 option. If you think you are good enough to have 2 operating system then choose the first one. But if you are a newbie then I suggest to use the second option and don’t bother with the third because I don’t need to explain how to do it as there is a guide there telling you what to do first. Well it should not be a problem if you think it is easy.

P1000671 P1000672 P1000674 

After picking which ever option or if u “choose Erase and use the entire disk” you get a screen like the first picture out of the three here. After clicking forward you be at a setup page for your time zone and then last one would be asking for you to set the computer name, your details then pick a username and password. Just for your information, you can only use a lower case word for the username. If you tried to use a uppercase letter it will not allow you to click forward. 

Once you are done setting up, it will ask you to remove your memory device (your pendrive) or any other media used for the setup. When finally it boot up just click on your username and it ask for a password you entered during the last part on above picture. Where you are finally done about 90% as the additional 10% would be some driver problem. But on my dell inspiron 6400, I had no trouble as you can see I used it for showing the installation.

I tried installing it on a Dell inspiron mini 10 (1018), the major issue I had was with the wireless card. It is a combo realtek card and yes you need to do some update with the netbook first before you can use the wireless. Check out Mini Dell forum for guide regarding this issue.


Anyway here is a picture of my laptop details after finishing installing

P1000677 P1000678

If only it had no problem with amsn, I would have just use it for my gf lappy lol

So guys Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Wish you all will have a good new year!! Open-mouthed smile

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