Saturday, January 14, 2012

XDA Forum is moving away from GoDaddy

Majority mobile hacking geek would know what forum am I talking about, then again just for a short brief;

"xda-developers is a community of over 4 million users worldwide, started in 2003.[2] The site's main purpose is discussion of Windows Phone, Android, and WebOS phones. The site also offers Windows Mobile and Android users general information about devices, ROM upgrades, technical support, Q&A, and reviews of device applications and accessories”

Because of the recent activities from “Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)” XDA communities have decided to move away from GoDaddy Hosting company. Go Daddy Group which fully support SOPA would put site like XDA at risk of being shut down or XDA would be forced to switch to a review system, where the forum moderators would have to inspect and approve every post on every sub-forum. XDA admins and moderator of XDA forum communities decided to go ahead with such plan after a long debate among themselves.

This is what they said:
"We had a long debate among admins and moderators about the best way XDA can combat this legislation. Several sites (most notably, Reddit) have decided to go dark on January 18th from 8AM to 8PM. A blackout of XDA, a site with users likely already educated on the legislation, seemed a bit like preaching to the choir.

Quite frankly, we don’t think a blackout is enough. We need to motivate XDA members to get involved and help us fight the fight. So– beginning at 8AM ET on January 18th, the domain WILL go dark. When you come to the site, you will see links to information about SOPA and the damaging impact it will have on the free Internet. Visitors from the United States will also see a link to an online pledge. Users who choose to sign their name to the pledge are agreeing simply to contact their local Senator or Representative (via phone or email) and politely voice their opposition to the bills. Once 50,000 people have made the pledge, XDA will go back up. We will provide links to help you find the contact information for the appropriate member of Congress. We hope we hit 50,000 pledges quickly. If not, we’ll match Reddit (and hopefully many other sites) and return online at 8PM ET.”

For U.S citizen who wish to participate in the protest, you can head to Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). EFF have created a page for how you can do your part to oppose this legislation that would allow the US to firewall content from their own citizens.


Extra details:
XDA to Go Dark on Jan 18th at 8AM; You Can Help Bring Us Back Online

Website Update: We’re moving from GoDaddy

The Author of SOPA Is a Copyright Violator

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