Saturday, January 28, 2012

A reply to Anonymous

I just notice there was a comment from one of my old post regarding “Streamyx new Package!! Faster and Much more Expensive!!!! Part 3” this is what “Anonymous” said;

Anonymous said...

aku memang tak sokong kelembapan streamyx dan monopoli oleh tm. tapi bab movie kena sensor aku sokong sesangat. kita duk kat malaysia, bukannya us yang ntah ape2.
orang asia especially macam ko ni suka nak ikut negara luar. aku belajar kat us 4 tahun setengah tapi aku rasa biasa je.
kalu nak maju, kita ikut cara kita. baru orang luar respek. lantak la nak kata konservetif, tapi itulah kelainan kita. aku tak paham la admire sgat kat mah saleh. kalu mata sepet, tetap sepet jugak kan?
hana yee

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I can't blame him, this person enjoy censored movies with a lot of cuts or censored words music like Limp Bizkit censored version.


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I don’t find that very original where movie that are being edited & removed some scene are still being considered original? If this
is allowed then there should be no problem copying someone else work and just edit some slight story about it and say this is my on copy right. Seems the same to me, thus this makes you wonder why we are top 10 in the world making Pirated movies. 

“cara kita”? More like people are Laughing at Malaysia. First Najib says remove ISA  it was such a big thing, I mean the whole world applaud and was proud about it. But then he created a new law to replace the ISA. Wow I guess this is how people like you mean by “Cara kita” to shock the world. Fantastic job I must say and yes there is more but well that was one of the best example..

“mata sepet” ?? LOL My eyes are big and ROUND, this is a problem with people like you. Like to assume things, stay in U.S for 4 years but still don’t know how to study before saying things. No wonder you are back in Malaysia LOL

"hana yee"? Is that even your real name?

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