Thursday, February 28, 2008

Same post...

Ok finally manage to upload the pictures into imageshack..

Here is a view of my room table...:

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  • I work in a very messy condition, I do clean up sometimes but then again it just get messy when there is some pc's to repair. Could see the external hard disk casing on the right side of my laptop with no cover. That is where I usually place it to scan for virus or do data recovering using my laptop. On the left side of my laptop there is a memory card reader, a basket full of.. documents, invoice, and hardware... I might have some empty cd's too in there.

In the living room is where i would do all the computer installation, repair, driver download, and anime downloads.. :P

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  • I would place my custormer cpu beside my cpu. Attach it with my LCD screen and start repairing or installing windows. This picture was taken while doing windows update on the cpu i am currently doing. Nothing really much here, but the wireless router is just beside the UPS which is located below the keyboard. So which is why I would do all the computer installation there since the router comes with 4 extra cable port to slot in :P

Then opposite the desktop is my television set. Nothing much no hi-fi player or anything funky but I would do something like this once in a while after downloading a movie:

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  • Making my laptop as a player using a scan converter to convert VGA into Video :D

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